Ask Aniisu: 60-minute personalized interaction on corporate social responsibility
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Ask Aniisu: 60-minute personalized interaction on corporate social responsibility

Product Description

• Engage me about your corporate social responsibility (CSR) queries in a telephonic or video call • This conversation is designed to help you appreciate how to improve your CSR impact as a professional (in-house or with an NGO/implementation partner).


If you are interested in: • Learning the basics of how CSR works • Understanding what is expected from a CSR professional • Growing in your role and career in CSR and you need guidance • Knowing what can be done better basis your current practices • Reviewing your organization’s practices • Improving your impact as a CSR professional • Gauging the value your organization brings as a NGO or implementation partner • Appreciating the challenges you may encounter while engaging volunteers • Getting your employees to be better volunteers • Knowing how to use your CSR funds best

These are a list of suggested topics. If there are other themes you are keen to learn about, do write to me at

Get an hour of my time to clarify your questions, understand the value of your practices and get better with championing CSR practices.

CSR is an important function which improves the lives of many in the communities around us. Managing and gaining the best from existing resources takes a lot of effort. Influencing your stakeholders, engaging employees and driving a consistent CSR agenda requires thoughtful planning and empathetic execution.

Feel free to let me know in advance what topic you want to cover to help us structure the conversation.

At the end of the interaction you will be able to put a pulse on the approaches in CSR that work for you, appreciate the nuances of driving CSR and be able to add more value as a professional.

Depending on the topic and intent, you can choose to extend the call or have multiple conversations over time.

How it works • This engagement will cost INR 3000 for one person • You can book your slot based on a mutually agreed time • After your booking I will reach out and schedule the session

I am excited by the opportunity to make a difference to your CSR practices. Regards, Aniisu


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